Javier G. Tausz

Alejandro Montejano

Máximo Perez Risco

Carlos Perón

Raquel Rodríguez

Juan José Rueda

Juan Antonio Simarro

Pedro Vilarroig


Javier González Tausz

He was born in Sevilla (1964). When he is 12 years old he begins his studies at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, where he studies piano with Manuel Carra and composition with Antón García Abril and Zulema de la Cruz.
He undertakes the composition techniques by means of his First Scenic Choral "Irán-Irak" op. 1 for choir and orchestra. He finishes his piano career with First Honour Award. Starting on this moment, he continues to study in London, where he completes the formation attending master classes taught by the Austrian pianist Edith Vogel at Guildhal at School of Music and Drama, and receiving Darla Crispy's hints as well. He improves his knowledge about orchestration with Ian Gardiner and learns XX Century techniques with John White, a direct inheritor of Arnold Schönberg.
He has received music orders for piano and chamber ensembles from the Ministerio de Cultura and the Comunidad de Madrid. On the other hand, it is remarkable his concern about electro-acoustic music and its evolution, studying at Morley College of London and in the Centro de Sonido e Imagen de Madrid. All years he makes recordings of his works for Radio Nacional de España.


web site: http://www.neotonales.com/javiertausz

Alejandro Montejano

Clarinetist and composer, he studies the clarinet at the High Conservatory of Madrid where he obtains the teacher certificate of that instrument. Simultaneously, he studies harmony with Agustín González Acilu , composition with the masters Román Alís and Pedro Sáenz, as well as piano with the pianist Kayoko Morimoto.
He combines his education at the Conservatory with jazz music, a subject with which he is very excited, and he has given a lot of concerts with several groups (Big band, dixie, quartets, quintets, etc.). He has been a clarinet teacher, harmony and Music History.
He has premiered his works at the National Auditorium of Madrid, Zaragoza and several Spanish and European cities (Lisbon, Rome, Paris).
His works have been released by groups as Trio Prevert, Amadeus Quintet, Choir of Pinto, CO3 Choir, Ensemble of Castilla la Mancha, Vérum Symphony Orchestra, etc. He has been commissioned by the Comunidad of Madrid to build the music of the following Eucharistic Plays: Holy Art Festival:

-Dance of Death (Unsigned work from the XVI Century)
-Las Barcas (Gil Vicente)
-La Cena del rey Baltasar (Calderón de la Barca)
-Auto de la Vera Cruz de Caravaca (Ricardo Pereira)
-Christ Passion Play (Lucas Fernández).

He has composed music for several Choir Festivals (Segorbe, Rivas Vaciamdrid, etc). He wrote for the Third Creation and Research National Meeting the piece Shadinota Tumi (My freedom) dedicated to the Bengali women.
He has composed quite a few religious works, among them we can quote two Ave Marias and The Fruit of Silence, this last one dedicated to Calcutta Theresa Mother, with whom the author had a special relationship. As for instrumental music, he has written for variegated ensembles of chamber orchestra, band, and symphony orchestra.
His style is fully eclectic, since he uses both contemporary and classical elements in his works, with a large predilection for counterpoint and jazz music elements.

web site: http://www.neotonales.com/amontejano

Máximo Perez Risco

Máximo Pérez Risco was born in Puertollano in 1963. He studied sol-fa and guitar since he was 8 years old with a teacher, Bienvenido Castro, who was a friend of his family in Puertollano, learning at that time the basis and guitar fingering, and reading music as well.
From here, he himself will improve in an autodidactic way by reading a lot, watching and interesting in the instrument and the music in general terms, until reaching the highest levels as a performer and creator.
He passed the exams in conservatories as “Pablo Sorozábal” (Puertollano) and the “Royal High Conservatory of Madrid”, with the highest marks.
His love for music has leaded him to build his own style that makes him independent, receiving influences from the great masters in general terms, but not specifically from anybody in particular.

As a performer, he has given a lot of concerts in outstanding music halls as the Ateneo of Madrid. He won several awards and honorable mentions as a music arranger. Nowadays he is devoted to musical composition, having works for any kind of groups, both symphonic and chamber music. He also has film music and music for audiovisual presentations. Some of his works have been premiered by the Ciudad Real Symphony Orchestra, and La Mancha Phylarmonic, Clartet Clarinet Quartet, Puertollano Band, Ciudad Real Conservatory Band, Musviaj Chamber Sextet to which he currently belongs.
As a teacher, he has worked in the conservatories of Puertollano, Montilla, High Conservatory of Córdoba, C. Real etc. Nowadays he teaches guitar at the Basic Conservatory of La Carolina.

He is a free musician with sincere inspiration, devoid of composing artifices that can transform music into a science. Above all, music is art. His style is more “neo-classical” than avant-garde. He prefers not to get too far away from the tonal music, though he didn’t give up looking for his own harmonic language.

web site: http://www.myspace.com/maximoperezrisco

Carlos Perón

He was born in Madrid in 1976. He started his studies about music when he was 10 years old with Manuel del Real. He kept up studying with teachers as Adriana Marchinkova, Ana Baget, Manuel Guillén, Hermes Kriales and Ara Malikian. He attended international courses with masters as Vartan Manoogian, Agustín León Ara, Ara Malikian, Lorand Fenyves, Ch. Bruggemann, Arcadi Futer, Oleg Lev, Liang Chai, Volkmar Holz, Boris Kuniev and Alexander Detisov. As for composition, he has attended courses given by Mauricio Kagel and Enrique Blanco (educationalist) and lectures by masters as G. Ligeti, E. Fubini, K. Penderecki, Luis de Pablo, Klaus Huber, K. Stockhausen, H.W. Henze and Claudia Colombatti.
He is concertmaster in the group String Octet of Madrid and he conducted choirs as "Amadeo Vives" (2001-2002) and "Federico Chueca" from the Comunidad of Madrid (2002-2003), as well as the chamber orchestra "Jóvenes Virtuosos" of the Comunidad of Madrid, performing in places as the Monumental Theatre, Palau de la Música of Barcelona and Joaquín Rodrigo Auditorium of Madrid. He also acted as an invited concertmaster in the string orchestra "Arpista Ludovico" in the VI International Harp Competition "Arpista Ludovico" in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid, 2009). Moreover, he is devoted to composition. He is a member of SGAE, and he has in his musical output more than 290 works and more than 50 premieres.
His works have been performed and released in Mexico, France, England, Italy, Malaysia, Peru, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Spain, and recorded by the Spanish Television (TV2). Some works of him have been published in the publishing houses Periferia Música, Starborn Books (England), Lighthouse Music Publications (Canada), Really Good Music Publisher, LLC. (USA), Dorn Publications, Inc. (USA), Musical Editions Bayard-Nizet (Belgium), Beurskens Music Editions (Low Countries), Brotons and Mercadal Ed. Musicales (Spain) and Arte Tripharia (Spain), among others.
In 2000 he had five works nominated for the SGAE awards and he received an award in the "2005 Young Composers Competition" by the CDMC. He was a David del Puerto Jimeno's pupil and he worked for the composers Jesús Rueda and Joan Valent


web site: http://www.carlosperoncano.com

Raquel Rodríguez

Raquel Rodríguez was born in Oviedo, in 1980. When she was 8 years old, she entered the High Conservatory of Oviedo “Eduardo Martínez Torner”, studying sol-fa with J. Ruiz de la Peña, piano with Ana Novo and Purificación de la Riva, violin with A. Ordieres and Gaiane Pogossova, and harmony, counterpoint and fugue with L. Diéguez, getting the Certificate about Piano and Sol-fa as well as medium degree of violin with the best marks.
Then she moved to Madrid, where she studied at the Conservatory of Madrid with Antón García-Abril and Zulema de la Cruz, getting the Highest Certificate and top mark when finishing her studies. She improved his piano studies with the concert pianist Sylvia Torán. She has a certificate in History and Music Sciences by the Autonoma University of Madrid (UAM). She improved his studies about composition in Pittsburgh with the master Leonardo Balada. Nowadays she is getting her PhD about History and Music Sciences at the UAM and she has been awarded several times.
She has attended several courses, about composition (Villafranca del Bierzo with Tomás Marco and Cristóbal Halffter, Música en Compostela 2003, with Antón García Abril and Maximino Zumalave, First Meeting with Our Composers (2003) with S.Brotons, J.Legido and Ángel Oliver, Internationales Ferienkurs für neue Musik, Darmstadt 2004, Joventuts Musicals de Torroella de Montgrí 2005 with Leonardo Balada), as well as piano ( First International Piano Course of Ciudad de Calpe (2001), with Ana Guijarro, Guillermo González and Elena Orobio), violin and chamber music (Lied Course with Uta Weber and Javier Parés, 2000).

web site: http://www.neotonales.com/raquelrodriguez 

Juan José Rueda
web site: http://www.myspace.com/consumirantes 

Juan Antonio SImarro

He is from Tenerife, teacher about Musical education by the Complutense University of Madrid. He has piano studies, violoncello, harmony, improvisation, composition.
His a musician as those of formerly but he has an interest in technology, a situation that makes him "to be hated" by both musicians as well as technicians.
He has been musical dresser of television programs as "El Programa de Ana Rosa" "Gran Hermano","Supervivientes", "50 Años de Imágenes .TVE".... When having a notion to the romantic tendency, he composes symphonic music: He has recorded his music with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, RTVE Symphony Orchestra, National Ensemble, with works released by the television channels TVE and Telecinco.

web site: http://www.juanantoniosimarro.com

Pedro Vilarroig Aroca

Pedro Vilarroig was born in Madrid in 1954. Since a child the music sounds inside his head, starting to take form as soon as he studies music at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid as he was 19. He shows predilection for the symphonic orchestra, but he has several chamber works too, especially piano and choral compositions.
As a composer, his style clearly moves towards the tonality, and modality as well, having numerous and unlike influences: from Mahler and Schostakovitch just to the impresionism, the serialism, jazz and film music. On the other hand, the influence of the traditional spanish music is very poor, much more inclined to the Central European music occassionally dotted with oriental or arabian touches.
He is founder of the Spanish Association of Neotonal Composers (Asociación Española de Compositores Neotonales)


web site: http://www.pvilar.com